The world looks forward for sustainable development and gradually opts for non-conventional energy sources like solar power, wind power, hydel power and other forms of renewable energy, Exide has come forward with a state-of-the-art range of products for photo-voltaic applications.

Having decades of experience while operating in the Indian tropical climate, Exide has manufactured its range of solar batteries with enhanced technology, which is also specially equipped to provide high cycling performance.

The power requirement of domestic and commercial consumers are increasing exponentially where the challenge is to meet the demand either through Grid or Renewable Energy Sources. While these applications are new and expanding, the shift towards expanded role for energy storage in the de-regulated electricity market becoming evident. Cost effective energy storage systems will play a significant role for utility and end-customers for an organic and sustainable solution.

Exide being the market leader in India for more than 70 years, can offer complete renewable energy solutions to meet the application demand. Our expertise coupled with the experience of our collaborators/partners can offer technologically agnostics renewable solutions with storage which will inevitably bear the trust and performance associated with Exide Brand.