OLDHAM Miners' Cap Lamps were first introduced in India in 1955, and presently over 4,00,000 nos. are in use. Batteries for these Cap Lamps are manufactured at Exide Industries' Guindy (Chennai) and Shamnagar (West Bengal, Near Kolkata) works. These batteries are sold through dedicated branch offices situated in all major coalfields of the country.

The cap lamp products offered by Exide are -


The advanced technology GT Miners' Cap Lamps are amongst the best in the world and are being used in large number of countries. These come have a DGMA approval and come with the BIS License.

    Features of GT Cap Lamps
  • Extra Power
  • More Safety
  • Longer Life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Tough Polycarbonate Container
  • See through Acid Level
  • Integral Belt Loop
  • Centre Take-Off Cover
  • Improved Cable Lock

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This new generation Caplamps use Lithium Ion Battery as its Power supply & the product is equipped with advanced integrated Circuit Control System This portable Caplamp provides light in all kinds of Hazardous atmospheres including mines. It combines ergonomics, lightness & enhanced illumination and is capable of enduring the hard & challenging working conditions inside the mines.

    Features of LED Cap Lamps - Smartlite
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Ergonomic, Smaller Size and Lighter in Weight
  • Modular Assembly with Tamper Proof Design
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Short Circuit Protector
  • Over Charge and Over Discharge Cut off
  • Low Voltage Alert in Headpiece
  • Constant Bright LED Light
  • Maintenance Free
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Weatherproof IP65
  • Suitable for Methane Environment
  • Auxiliary LED for Emergency Escape
  • Charging Status Indicator in Headpiece

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The Oldham 'T' battery container is manufactured from transparent polycarbonate, very strong impact resistant Material. The belt loops are moulded integrally with the back face of the Battery container and a stainless steel cover protects the intercell fuse and Battery terminals. The positive plate is of Tubular Construction where by the active material is held in a woven polyester fiber sleeve. The negative plate grids and the positive plate spines are cast from special alloy which enables the batter to operate with the minimum electrolyte loss. There is provision for topping up with distilled water (necessary only at very infrequent intervals).


The equipment is provided for multiples of 1, 10 & 102 lamps. To charge the unit, the Head piece should be fitted over the projecting Key on the front of the charger/frame and rotated clockwise through 180° until the bottom stud on the headpiece is in contact with the clip. Charging is fully automatic and ceases when the battery is fully charged.