EIL is the only eco-friendly manufacturer to offer lead acid batteries for UPS application from 7Ah to 6000Ah. CEIL Powersafe is built on an experience of over 60 years in R&D, manufacturing and field operations. Also, the company's largest network ensures easy accessibility and service in zero down time. EIL's R&D Centre is considered as premier battery research facilities in the work.

Some key features:

  • Superior Performance
  • Enhanced plate length for high power density
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge
  • Low self discharge
  • Safety
  • Better Thermal Management in the system
  • Resistant to thermal runaway due to the lead calcium in alloy
  • Flame Arrestor fitted safety valve

Performance Confirming to:

JIS: C 8704-2: 1999

IEC: 60896 - 21 & 22

ANSI: T1 330 (US specification for Telecom battery)

Product Range
VRLA AGM 2V 80Ah - 6000Ah
VRLA AGM 12V 7Ah - 200Ah
Gel 12V 27Ah - 220Ah