The practice of Corporate Governance in Exide is at three interlinked levels:

  • Strategic supervision - by the Board of Directors
  • Strategic management - by the Executive Committee
  • Executive management - by the Divisional Heads of the business

This three-tier structure ensures that strategic supervision on behalf of the shareholders, being free from the task of strategic management, can be conducted by the Board objectively, thereby sharpening accountability of the management. Further, strategic management being free from the task of day-to-day executive management, remains focused and energised. The structure also ensures that executive management of the divisions, being free from the collective strategic responsibilities for Exide as a whole, is

focused on enhancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of each business.

The core roles of key entities flow from the structure. The core roles, in turn, determine the core responsibilities of each entity. In order to discharge such responsibilities, each entity is empowered formally with requisite powers.

The structure, processes and practice of governance enables focus on the

corporate purpose while simultaneously facilitating effective management of the diverse businesses within the portfolio. belief in ethical corporate citizenship and, is manifested through exemplary standards of ethical behaviour, both within the organisation as well as in external relationships.