Lead, the most critical raw material in a lead acid storage battery is recyclable. Recycling an old battery to reclaim its lead content is not only socially and environmentally desirable, it also makes perfect economic sense for everyone involved in the value chain.

At Exide, we buy back old batteries as a part of our commitment to help protect the environment, and also to reduce the share of the unorganised market. We recycle these used batteries in smelters in various parts of the country.

We have two modern and hi-tech lead smelters near Bangalore and Pune, where we recycle old batteries. We also use third party smelters in the country's other parts, where old batteries procured by us are recycled and the lead is sold back to us in ingot form.

Did You Know?

Close to 40 per cent of the lead and lead alloy requirements of Exide are met through recycled lead.