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Presenting the stylish & hassle free EXIDE INTEGRA, powered by Lithium ion technology.
Starting from Rs 32,999/-*
Price, like never before! *t & c apply
  • Power Efficient
  • Power Efficient
  • Power Efficient
  • New-Age Technology
  • New-Age Technology
  • New-Age Technology
  • Environment Friendly & Safe
  • Environment Friendly & Safe
  • Environment Friendly & Safe
  • Stylish Inverter for Modern Homes
  • Stylish Inverter for Modern Homes
  • Stylish Inverter for Modern Homes
  • With 5 Years Comprehensive Warranty
  • With 5 Years Comprehensive Warranty
  • With 5 Years Comprehensive Warranty
  • Charging in 2 hours

  • Saves electricity bills

  • Always ready for backup

  • Power of Lithium Ion

  • User friendly interface

  • Hassle free

  • No topping up

  • No leakages

  • No fumes

  • Compact Unit

  • Wall mounted, no floor space

  • Adds to your decor

  • Unmatched performance

  • Long life

  • 5 Year Performance Warranty

Is EXIDE INTEGRA an inverter?

EXIDE INTEGRA is an integrated power back up system powered by Lithium-Ion battery which provides back up power when there is a power outage.

Why should I choose EXIDE INTEGRA?

There are multiple reasons of choosing an EXIDE INTEGRA. Being Lithium-Ion based, this new age technology is safe and does not require any water top-up or maintenance. There is no acid inside these units, thus no acid fumes; making them less hazardous and more environmentally friendly. The unit is designed to be space saving and has a smart look that's just ideal for your modern smart home. Enjoy the Lithium-Ion technology advantage, go for an EXIDE INTEGRA!

Who would find EXIDE INTEGRA most useful?

If you are someone who hates interruptions in life, if you are someone who relies on smart and latest technology, if you are someone who appreciates aesthetics and is seeking sleek and smart solutions with less space, EXIDE INTEGRA is just for you.

What kind of appliances are supported by EXIDE INTEGRA?

Most of the normal domestic electrical gadgets and appliances that provide daily comfort to you can be powered by EXIDE INTEGRA. These are electrical bulbs of all formats, including smart lights, fans, TVs, desktops and laptops, air coolers etc.

How long does it give power back-up?

EXIDE INTEGRA-700 is a 450-watt system with 51.2 volt, 12Ah in-built battery, EXIDE INTEGRA-1000 is a 720 watt system with 51.2 volt, 18Ah in-built battery. EXIDE INTEGRA-700 gives 1 Hr 30 mins back up at 400 watts load and EXIDE INTEGRA-1000 gives 2 Hr 30 mins back up at 400 watts load.

How long does it take to charge?

It takes around 2 Hr 30 mins to charge an EXIDE INTEGRA fully.

How big is the product and how much space will it take?

The dimension of EXIDE INTEGRA is 665 mm * 405 mm * 140 mm. Since EXIDE INTEGRA is wall mounted, it requires no floor space. Hence, a little more i.e., 2 feet by 1.5 feet on the wall with a depth of around 6 inches is required.

Is it easy to maintain EXIDE INTEGRA?

Yes, it's easier to maintain an EXIDE INTEGRA since the EXIDE INTEGRA is maintenance-free with no acid fumes. In case you find the unit is not working, please feel free to log a service call on our Toll Free No .1800 -103 -5454.

What is the warranty provided?

Both the models of EXIDE INTEGRA are covered by a product warranty against manufacturing defects of electronics and Lithium-Ion batteries for a period of 5 years or 60 months.

Enjoy easy paperless warranty by registering your EXIDE INTEGRA online.

Is EXIDE INTEGRA safe and environment-friendly?

EXIDE INTEGRA has an inbuilt PCM (power control module) which makes it absolutely safe. Further, there is no acid inside these units and hence there are no acid fumes. This makes an EXIDE INTEGRA less hazardous and environmentally friendlier.

Can EXIDE INTEGRA be installed outdoors?

No, Since Lithium-Ion batteries are sensible to high temperature, outdoor installation of EXIDE INTEGRA is not recommended. Warranty becomes void in such cases.

Do I need an electrician to install EXIDE INTEGRA?

Yes, you require an electrician to install an EXIDE INTEGRA. Our dealer and service team will guide you regarding the same.


Which EXIDE INTEGRA matches your style and class?

Let's compare EXIDE INTEGRA 700 & EXIDE INTEGRA 1000

Rated Capacity 563VA/450W 900VA/720W
Battery Capacity 51.2V,12 Ah 51.2V,18 Ah
Max. Charging Current 5A + 0.5A 8A + 0.5A
Battery Boost Voltage 56.4 + 0.4V
Output Voltage 225V + 5V
Output Frequency 50 Hz + 1Hz
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Battery Low Cut Off 48V + O.4V
Battery Low Cut Off 48V + O.4V
Switch Over Time (@UPS Mode) 10msec
Main Input Voltage Range (@Normal Mode) 90V - 290V +10V
Main Input Voltage Range (@Normal Mode) 180V - 270 +10V
New Weight (with Battery) 22.65Kg 25.95Kg
Gross Weight 25.35Kg 28.40Kg
Product Dimensions 665m* 405mm* 140mm
Outer Dimensions 720mm* 515mm*285mm
  • Reviews

    I am really happy with my purchase of EXIDE INTEGRA. It suits my new smart home perfectly well, especially because its so space saving and has a user friendly display. The product comes with a warranty so I need not worry about replacements and repairs! Also, thanks to EXIDE for the amazingly fast delivery and installation! Truly appreciated!

    Anand Bhagat