It’s an Inverter. Unlike any other Inverter.

IT’S EXIDE Integra

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Presenting the smart, safe and stylish Exide Integra. Powered with the next-gen tech of Li-ion. Built with a neo-compact look and user-friendly design to complement your modern lifestyle.

Feature-Packed Integrated Inverter

New-Age LCD Display

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity 450W / 563VA 720W / 900VA
Net Weight (with Battery) 22.65 Kg 25.95 Kg
Product Dimension (H*W*T) 665mm * 405mm * 140mm
Max. Charging Current 5Amp ± 0.5Amp 8Amp ± 0.5Amp
Battery Boost Voltage 56.4V ± 0.4V
Charging Technique Automatic Sense Battery Management System
Change Over Time (in UPS Model) ≤ 10msec
No Load Output Voltage 225V ± 5V
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage 51.2V (In-Built Lithium-Ion Battery)
Battery Low Cut Off 48V ± 0.4V
Mains Voltage Range (in Normal Mode) 90V - 290VAC ±10V
Mains Voltage Range (in UPS Mode) 180V - 270VAC ±10V