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EIL Patented Grid Normal Grid Expanded Grid  

Our batteries are factory charged and wet shipped for better performance and reliability.

With regards to product design for our automotive batteries, EIL stringently follows international norms and standards as mentioned below.

  • Designed for Hot conditions - Very High Ambient temperature & Long Life
  • Meets stringent OEM specifications of Global Giants. Specifications in line with all OE specifications and in addition individual requirements of different customers. Batteries designed to meet the following standards JIS, EN, SAE as applicable
  • Cold starting - 90% of exported cars from India to Europe are fitted batteries manufactured by EIL India
  • Designed to suit, Bad Road Conditions (Vibration), Old Vehicle Population and Abusive conditions


  • Thicker Cast High-performance Plates
    • Specially designed to hold charge longer.
    • Improved alloy composition for increased resistance to grid passivation.
    • Superior tensile strength and high temperature creep resistance for better endurance and longer life.
  • Special Patented Alloy
    • Special patented alloy to withstand extreme weather conditions for longer time.
  • Superior Quality Separators
    • Double separator in majority of product range to ensue longer life in harsh climate.
    • Low resistance and high reliability
  • Safety Venting
    • Spill resistant and explosion proof plugs to prevent leak of electrolyte ensuring improved safety.
  • Magic Eye
    • User friendly indicator of battery

Our Technology Collaborators:

EIL has technical collaborations with world's leading lead-acid battery manufacturers such as Furukawa battery Co. Ltd Japan for automotive and motorcycle batteries and East Penn Mfg. Co. Inc. USA and Moura Batteries, Brazil for technical collaboration. This keeps us on a par with world leaders.

Process Flow: