Golf carts are silent electric vehicles meant for smooth transportation, and are usually driven on levelled or well-maintained terrains. These are favoured for carrying around small group of passengers over short distances, and come in various sizes, having the capacity to carry two to eight people. Being easy to maneuver and park, golf carts and similar kind of small electric vehicles powered by golf cart batteries have been quite popular around the world for quick conveyance.

Besides their traditional use to drive around on the golf courses, such carts find application worldwide, across a broad spectrum of areas including tourist spots, airport lounges, railway platforms, parks and resorts, and more. Navigating inside enclosed areas, like airports, where movement of small number of people is required in a quiet and environment friendly way, is quite easy with such vehicles.

Rapid socio economic growth in India over the last three decades has seen golf clubs and golfing resorts grow in large numbers across the country as well. The use of golf carts has thus multiplied and the consequent growth in demand for such carts has given rise to the growth of a thriving industry.

With the community of electric vehicle users growing rapidly, Exide Industries has been constantly contributing to the growth of this industry. Keeping the industry demands and usage in mind, Exide currently offers Four different models for golf cart batteries . All these golf cart battery models are specifically equipped to suit the industry requirements and are manufactured at Exide's state-of-the-art international standard manufacturing facilities*. Tested for their quality and performance, golf cart batteries from Exide have set industry benchmarks in the country and are considered best in the market.

The innovative compositions and state-of-the-art manufacturing process is a result of 75 years of accumulated experience from Exide, in research and development, manufacturing and field operations. This new battery for golf cart is designed and manufactured to perform at its best under deep cyclic operations.

Besides being suitable for golf carts, all the Exide golf cart battery models can also power a wide range of other similar vehicles like floor cleaners and special electric vehicles.

*Technical specifications for the Exide golf cart battery models are detailed in the product brochure

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