Exide HKVA Home UPS can be customized to suit your need and budget. Key in the specifics and pick the right Home UPS from the Exide Inverterz range.

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  • Primary Power Back up source for Industries, Corporate Offices and BPOs
  • Widely used in banks, multiplexes and shopping malls
  • Petrol Pumps, Fuel Dispensing Machines
  • Provides reliable back-up for Office Equipment such as Computers, Projectors, Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines etc.
  • All Motor based applications such as AC, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, Compressors and other 3 Phase critical motorized equipment Water Coolers and Deep Refrigerators
  • Emergency and Transportable Power Systems
  • Gym /Health Equipment

Features of Exide Inverterz - Higher KVA UPS

  • Wide Mains Input Voltage Range 100V - 290V
  • Controlled Output Voltage
  • Suitable for Mains Low Voltage Operation, 8 - 10 AMP Charging at 120V Mains Input
  • ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) technology for battery charging which automatically senses battery condition & adjusts the charging current accordingly
  • Soft Touch ON/OFF, Mode Selection & Charging Selection Switch
  • Smart In-built Protections - Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed, Battery Low, Battery Over-Charge, Over Temperature etc.
  • Mains Overload through Resettable Switch

Technical Specifications of Exide Inverterz - Higher KVA UPS Range

Description 2KVA 2.5KVA 2.5KVA 3.5KVA 5.2KVA 5.2KVA 7.5KVA 10KVA 12KVA
Nominal Battery Voltage 24V 36V 48V 48V 48V 96V 120V 180V 192V
Type Satic UPS
Back-up Mode
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
No Load Output Voltage 220V ± 7V AC
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
No Load Battery Current ≤2.2Amp ≤2.0Amp ≤1.2Amp
Full Load Output Current ± 1Amp 70Amp 59Amp 46Amp 64Amp 105Amp 49Amp 56Amp 49Amp 59Amp
Total Harmonics Distortion (@ Linear Load) <5% <3%
Battery Low Pre-Alarm 10.8V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Battery Low Cut-Off 10.5V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Mains Mode
Max. Charging Current (HC) 20Amp 15A ± 1A 15A ± 1A 15A ± 1A 22A ± 1A 15A ± 1A 18A ± 1A 18A ± 1A 18A ± 1A
Max. Charging Current (NC) 14Amp 12A ± 1A 12A ± 1A 12A ± 1A 18A ± 1A 12A ± 1A 14A ± 1A 14A ± 1A 14A ± 1A
Boost Charging Voltage 14.4V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Float Charging Voltage 13.7V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Mains Mode {Normal Mode}
Input Voltage Range ± 10V 90V to 300V 100V to 280V
Changeover Time (Mains to Back-up) < 40 ms
Changeover Time (Back-up to Mains) < 10 ms
Mins Mode {UPS Mode}
Input Voltage Range ± 10V 180V to 270V 180V to 260V
Changeover Time (Mains to Back-up) < 10 ms
Changeover Time (Back-up to Mains) < 10 ms
Protections Short Circuit Trip, Overload Trip, Battery Low & Over Charge Protection, Over Temperature
Protection, AC Fuse Trip/ MCB Trip Protection, Phase Reverse Protection
Display LED Indicators "Tri Colour LCD Display which is showing:
Mains Voltage, Battery Voltage, Applied Load in %, Battery Charging/
Charged, Battery Low/ Over Charge, Short Circuit, Overload, Over Temperature"
Weight and Dimensions
Dimension LXWXH (in mm) 380X375X360 440X370X510 500X380X600 565X385X600
Net Weight (± 0.5Kg) 19Kg 27.2Kg 31.2Kg 40.5Kg 52.1Kg 72Kg
Gross Weight (± 1Kg) 21Kg 28.9Kg 32.9Kg 42.7Kg 54.3Kg 87Kg

*Not Applicable for 2KVA