Exide has well-articulated TQM Model developed to make it a competitive organization, satisfying all its stakeholders namely shareholders, partners, customers, and employees. TQM initiatives have been deployed across organization to address the immediate need and priorities, as well as long term sustainability of organization. Focus on building distinguished corporate culture like 5S, Kaizen, TPM, Customer Centricity, Transparency, Innovation and Creativity is high, and several campaigns, events and activities are conducted to involve employees. Impact and effectiveness of TQM initiatives are closely monitored and continually improved.

Quality Circle

Quality Circle initiative has been deployed in all factories to involve operator in continuous improvement journey, develop their competency and healthy relationship. QC teams from all the plants regularly participate in competitions and get recognized in all the forums organized by QCFI.

Two employees have been selected for Prime Minister "Shram Shree" Award, for their innovation & contribution in the field of manufacturing.


Exide's manufacturing excellence journey is followed through TPM Initiative. The maturity in TPM practice is assessed regularly by JIPM Japan, the effects of TPM on key result areas like OEE, Yield, Energy, Productivity, Quality etc. are evaluated along with approach & its deployment. Four factories are certified for Category A award by JIPM and two factories (Haldia & Taloja) have been awarded for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment Award - 2015 by JIPM Japan. The commitment to long term goal achievement is demonstrated through the Kickoff of TPM in one of the factory (Ahmednagar) in 2016. The journey will continue to three years.

TPM initiative is extended to upstream partners to build in their manufacturing excellence, and realize a competitive extended supply chain partners. The TPM has been deployed to three partner factories and kicked off.


Exide has deployed the policy of 1 kaizen/ employee/ month to involve employees in continuous improvement journey. Through this initiative, company is leveraging people creativity to shape directional change to improve the operating performance indicators. Kaizen initiative is also extended to upstream partners; they are regularly engaged through Vendor Conferences Pan India.

System & Standards

Exide's belief in System & Processes is demonstrated through regular updation and deployment of new standards for organizational sustainability. All the Factories are certified for ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

Other than above, company regularly participates in external competitions to demonstrate its competitive capabilities and has been recognized by different external forums & agencies like Manufacturing Today, CII, Greentech, Frost & Sullivan etc.