Exide offers a comprehensive range of Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries for application in Telecom sector and presently has the following two specific technologies -

a) Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM) VRLA

b) Tubular Gel VRLA batteries to cater to the Telecom market

Exide's VRLA range of batteries are specially designed to ensure hassle-free handling and maintenance-free operation, to offer space economy and also provide an eco-friendly solution. These batteries are designed for remarkable performance, supplied in factory charged condition with modules in ready to use state. The batteries have long life and it is these features that make Exide's VRLA range of batteries appropriate for use in Telecom sector.


Salient Features of VRLA - NEPST & NMST Range of Batteries:

This valve regulated lead-acid battery range has a design life of 20 years at 27°C under ideal float condition. The capacity of these batteries ranges from 200Ah to 6000 Ah at 27°C down to 1.75 VPC. The operating temperature range is -5°C to 40°C.

  • These batteries give 1800 cycles at 50% DOD.
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge.
  • Antimony free alloy is used and hence self-discharge is less than 0.5% per week of C10 capacity at 27°C.
  • Factory charged and ready to use, hence no delay between receipt and use resulting in instant power source.
  • No water topping up required ever resulting in saving of hundreds of liters of distilled water and manpower required for topping up throughout life of battery.
  • The gas recombination technology cycle effectively nullifies generation of gas during normal use resulting in no emission of corrosive fumes under normal operative conditions and hence no elaborate air exhaust system is required.
  • Specifications conforming to GR No. TEC/GR/TX/BAT-001/04.JUN 2011. JIS: C 8704-2:1999 IEC: 60896 - 21 & 22 ANSI: T1 330(US specification for Telecom battery) RDSO: IRS S93-96 with latest amendment.
  • NEPST Range: Capacity Range 200Ah to 400 Ah @ 27°C down to 1.75 VPC - NMST Range: Capacity Range 600 Ah to 6000 Ah @ 27°C down to 1.75 VPC.

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Exide offers GTB range in Tubular Gel VRLA Battery in the Telecom sector. The GTB Range of Capacity ranging from 200 Ah to 600 Ah @ 35°C down to 1.75 VPC.

Salient Features of GEL Tubular - GTB Range of Batteries

  • The cycle life at 35 degree Celsius is 3000 cycles at 50% DOD.
  • The performance of GTB batteries conforms to IEC 61427, IEC 60896-21/22 & TEC Spec No. TEC/GR/TX/BAT-003/02 MAR 2011.
  • Rugged and reliable for cyclic application, ideal for frequent discharge-charge cycle.
  • Very low self-discharge.
  • No water topping up ever.
  • Low electrical resistance, high charging efficiency.
  • Resistant to separator damage.
  • No acid stratification, low gassing due to internal gas recombination, good heat dissipation characteristics resulting longer cycle life.
  • Excellent energy saving feature and quick recharge. Low foot print, cells are housed in stackable MS modules (8V).
  • Explosion proof, self-resealing, pressure regulating and can be safely used in high ambient temperature zone.

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