Exide (India) - Leader in Storage Power

One of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, EXIDE (INDIA) INDUSTRIES LIMITED, has led the way in bringing the best and latest of battery technology into India. Formerly known as CHLORIDE INDIA LIMITED, it traces its heritage to CHLORIDE PLC, UK, THE PIONEERS COMMERCIALLY PRODUCED BATTERIES.

In SOUTH EAST ASIA, EXIDE (INDIA) is the largest battery makers by far with the widest range of pasted plate, TUBULAR, PLANTE AND SMF VRLA BATTERIES. Technology Innovation, quality and a country wide service network set it apart from the competition.

Some key features:

  • 9 factories strategically located across the world.
  • The only company in India to manufacture batteries from 2.5Ah to 20,400Ah in collaboration with FURUKUWA OF JAPAN.
  • Subsidiaries in SINGAPORE, UK and SRI LANKA.
  • Fast growing exports, currently to 30 countries in 5 continents
  • R & D CENTRE, set up in 1976, is counted among the premium battery research facilities in the world and is approved by the DEPT. OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Govt. Of India as independent test laboratory.
  • Certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Download Catalogues:

EIL product range portrays the combination of all the best possible technological solutions for the telecom application. Selection of the right alloy, modern production machinery and effective technology ensures a very long service life both in standby float mode of operation and in regular deep cycling operations. EIL products perform without hassles in extreme climate conditions, both high and low temperatures. Thus the product becomes the most relevant technology for any country which essentially has a tropical climate. EIL product is designed to serve the customers with guaranteed performance and long life.

Product Range
NMST VRLA AGM 2V 160Ah - 5000Ah
NMST VRLA AGM 2V 160Ah - 5000Ah
TeleTubular Flooded Tubular 6V 200Ah,300Ah
12V 100Ah
OPzV Gel 2V 200AH-3000Ah
GTB/SG Gel 2V 200Ah - 1000Ah