• Solar Lantern
  • Solar Home Light
  • Solar Street Light
  • Off Grid Solar Power
  • Solar Power Pack/Generators
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Grid Connected Power System
  • Solar Pump
  • Office Building Solar Power System
  • Solar Village
  • Telecom Solar Power
  • Traffic Signal



  • 1Chloride Photovoltaic Module used the best available technology and raw materials.
  • 2White tempered glass (thickness 3.2/4.0 mm) and EVA resin with back sheet provide maximum protection from severe environmental conditions.
  • 3High torsional strength and corrosion resistant anodized aluminium frame provides maximum structural strength and ease of installation.
  • 4Available for DC 12V, 24V system.
  • 5Output lead wire terminal with water proof connector for higher wattage modules.
  • 625 years* limited warranty on power output : Assured 90% of rated output in 10 years less negative tolerance. Assured 80% of rated output in 25 years less negative tolerance.
  • 7All modules comply with MNRE Govt. of India, IEC 61215 & EN 61730 specifications.