SF Sonic™ EFB

SF Sonic™ offers Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) range that deliver superior reliability and performance for new generation automotive vehicle applications. SF Sonic™ EFB batteries are ideal for mileage enhancing start-stop technologies and for vehicles with higher-than-normal energy demands, whether that means a tougher drive schedule or multiple accessories and equipment installed. Specially developed material, added to the positive plate surface, makes this possible. In repetitive deep discharge scenarios SF Sonic™ EFB technology offers improved cyclic durability.

SF Sonic™ Drive

SF Sonic™ Drive is synonymous with the coexistence of great power and long durability. The magnificent range is offered by the stalwart brand of SF Sonic™, which use advanced alloy system for superior power. For outstanding performance of new generation vehicles with higher depth of discharges SF Sonic™ Drive has the clear advantage. Being identical to OEM fitment and with longer warranty tag than conventional automotive batteries, it is the best choice to fit-out for cutting-edge vehicular applications.

SF Sonic™ Flash Start

SF Sonic™ Flash Start and Trucker range of products, with its unparalleled power and superlative quality is the most prudent choice for roads across the world. Creating a benchmark for automotive batteries, it has so far testified the drive of the age. It captures the pulse of a whole new generation that believes in reaching their dreams and achievements at sonic speed with the core philosophy that revolves around always keeping you ahead.