Index is a global brand of Exide Industries Ltd. (EIL), India. EIL has  been the proud supplier of Index batteries to globally recognized and

reputed automotive manufacturers. Index batteries are supplied as factory charged and wet shipped for greater performance and reliability.

These batteries are globally available through EIL's strong and expanding dealer network presently located in 46 countries covering 5 continents.


  • Thicker Cast High-performance Plates
    • Specially designed to hold charge longer.
    • Improved alloy composition for increased resistance to grid passivation.
    • Superior tensile strength and high temperature creep resistance for better endurance and longer life.
  • Special Patented Alloy
    • Special patented alloy to withstand extreme weather conditions for longer time.
  • Superior Quality Separators
    • Double separator in majority of product range to ensue longer life in harsh climate.
    • Low resistance and high reliability.
  • Safety Venting
    • Spill resistant and explosion proof plugs to prevent leak of electrolyte ensuring improved safety.
  • Magic Eye
    • User friendly indicator of battery.

Product Range:

  • Index Prime
  • Index Neo
  • Index Hunk Fusion