• Battery Charging - Exide Pure Sine Wave inverters feature 3 Selectable Options for battery charging: 9A/11A/13A. The battery charging selection sliding switch can be operated manually.
  • Powerful LCD Display - Shows status on battery voltage. The LCD displays AC Main Volts, Mains Cut and Load Chart.
  • Electrolyte Sensor - A red blinking LED indicates the need for battery topping up.
  • Manual Bypass - Toggle Switch is available for easy manual operation.
  • Output Socket - Additional output socket on the rear panel is an extra feature available with Exide Pure Sine Wave inverters that can help you during your emergency requirements.
  • Change Over - Enables extremely fast change over time from UPS to mains and vice versa.
  • Compact Surface Mount Technology - Exide static inverters are enhanced with Compact Surface Mount Technology which facilitates reduced PCB size as well as reduces the size of the Home UPS.
  • Indicators - Exide Pure Sine Wave inverters also feature Battery Charging, Charged status and Power ON/OFF Indicators.