Solar Inverters

Exide brings to its table a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Solar Hybrid Inverters with high performance MOSFET based technology. The user-friendly features and wide range of customizability in-built with each Solar Inverter allows users to optimize system performance as per the application demand. Exide Solar Hybrid Inverters are also equipped with user selectable operation modes, necessary protections and intelligence to ensure longer life of the system components.



  • Pure Sine wave output
  • High efficiency in-built solar charge controller for better PV utilization
  • Minimal Mains power usage
  • Priority setting for Solar/Battery/Grid
  • Attractive Tri-colour display for better notification to user
  • In-built PV reverse protection
  • Wide range of capacities for various scale of applications
  • Improved charging algorithm
  • Compact in size and easy to handle


  • Residential Solar Systems
  • Community Solar Systems
  • Solar Microgrids
  • Standalone Solar Communication Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar Systems
  • Solar UPS Systems for Critical Loads