Solar Power Generating Systems (SPGS)

Photovoltaic systems, though being simple in architecture, require careful and optimized selection of subsystems for attaining desired performance. To help users opt for their perfect systems, Exide has curated a domain of power packages consisting of PV Modules, Solar Batteries and Hybrid Solar Inverters, collectively termed as Solar Power Generating Systems (SPGS). These packages have been providing energy independence to numerous domestic and industrial users over the years who seek reliable power solutions.



  • Wide variety of combinations to choose from
  • Provision for customized systems as per requirement
  • Reduces dependency on utility power supply
  • Provides power backup to critical load during power outages and blackout
  • Products tailored for easy installation
  • Clean and green energy


  • Solar Lighting Systems
  • Off- Grid Roof Top
  • Solar PV Power Plant
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar Systems
  • Solar Power Packs
  • Solar Microgrids