Battery FAQs

a. What are the features that should be considered when buying a battery?

Size: The dimensions of your original battery
Power: The Ampere hour required to power your vehicle
Warranty: Automotive batteries are backed by a warranty package. Choose the one that is right for your vehicle's needs.

b. While replacing the battery or cleaning the terminals, why is it important to remove the ground wire first?

Before you start, always check the type of grounding system the vehicle has. If you remove the positive connector first in a negative ground system, a spark may be created in the process. It could happen if the metal tool you're using to remove the positive terminal connector comes in contact with any piece of metal in the car. If you are working near the battery when this occurs, it might create fire source causing the battery to explode. It's extremely important to remove the ground source first.

c. What can excessive heat do to a battery?

Heat can deteriorate a battery's life quicker by evaporating the water from the electrolyte, and corroding and weakening the positive grids.

d. If my car doesn't start, how do I know for sure that my battery needs replacement?

Many other problems can keep a car from starting. It is advisable to do some troubleshooting. Exide authorised dealers test batteries free of charge, so as a good first step visit your nearest Exide Dealer to be sure of your battery.

e. How do I safely jump-start my battery?