Battery Recycling:

Don't let your used battery fall into the wrong hands

Lead, a major component in all batteries, if not handled with care after use, can become hazardous and seriously harm the environment and the people around. When smelted in open furnaces, by unauthorised smelters, scrap lead particles escape into the air. Unchecked, they infect workers, permeate the soil and contaminate groundwater, pollute all organic life: vegetation, fish, meat, poultry, livestock and human beings in the process.

Even a slight exposure to lead can cause severe kidney damage, cerebro-muscular failure, a slowing down of the nervous system, abdominal discomfort, anaemia, hypertension and other major diseases. In areas exposed to open lead furnaces, there have even been cases of spontaneous abortion.

How lead pollution takes place through unauthorised smelting

  • Lead particles settling on the floor stick to clothes or are swept into dust
  • Lead is released in workplace atmosphere as dust or fumes
  • Minute lead particles are ingested with food and drink
  • Air borne particles settle on workmen's skin / clothing
  • Lead particles being heavier enter soil and sub-soil
  • Lead, inhaled by workmen, settles in the lungs

Save your children and the planet from lead poisoning

Handle used batteries with care. As responsible citizens, keep the planet and the generations to come free of lead poisoning. We at Exide collect used batteries at regular intervals from our dealers in closed trucks and have them recycled by smelters, authorised by the Ministry of Environment. We encourage dealers to collect all batteries that have lived out their service life.

All you need to do is return your used battery to any of our authorised dealers. This will ensure that your used battery never pollutes the environment or endangers the health of your children. Let us join hands to keep life on earth clean, beautiful and sustainable.

Lead, one of the most useful metals, if not treated and preserved after use, can turn hazardous.

Avail of a special rebate on Exide batteries every time you return a used battery.

Return used batteries. Protect the environment.