Exide E-Ride battery has been specially developed and designed for e-rickshaws after in-depth research. Its unique features ensure maximum performance which in turn translates to better savings for the e-rickshaw owner. It is far superior to other brands and comes with the assurance of quality and performance.

  • Rugged Tubular Positive plate - Suited for high power, deep discharge cyclic application
  • Special Negative Paste recipe - To endure power surge and fast re-chargeability
  • Special Alloy System - For fast charge acceptance and low top-up frequency
  • Double Clad separation - Ensures vibration resistance
  • Ready to fit - Batteries supplied in factory charged condition*

Technical Specifications of Exide E-Ride Tubular Plus Batteries

Battery Type Part Number Nominal
Voltage (V)
C5 Capacity
Ref. C20
Capacity (Ah)
Maximum Overall Dimension (mm) Nominal
Weight (kg)
Current (A)
ERTBPLUS100L FER0-ERTBPLUS100L 12 75 100 410 176 240 31.4 8.4 12.0
ERTBPLUS120L FER0-ERTBPLUS120L 12 90 115 410 176 240 31.8 7.2 14.0


*Warranty period to be applicable : 12 months from Date of purchase or 15 months from Date of Manufacturing, whichever is earlier.