Exide E-Ride Plus

The ubiquitous e-rickshaw has emerged as a popular option for short trip type movements in the Indian urban and semi-urban centres. Being environment friendly, these e-rickshaw vehicles are nowadays replacing manual rickshaws and can be maintained at very affordable prices. These electric three wheelers thus not only serve as transportation solution to the vast Indian population but also offer profitable livelihood for the operators. The e-rickshaws operate on robust rechargeable lead acid storage batteries - a segment where Exide Industries is the undisputed market leader.

To cater to this fast growing requirement, Exide has come out with carefully designed and technologically equipped e-rickshaw batteries for these electric three wheelers. The E-Ride Plus is a specially designed robust battery that was developed after extensive research at the company's Research and Development (R&D) Center. Needless to say, e-rickshaw has grown to be a highly demanding segment of the Indian auto industry and Exide has tailored E-Ride Plus using its years of experience of operating in the Indian conditions. In terms of quality and performance, this Exide e-rickshaw battery - E-Ride Plus is far superior to what the competition has to offer in the Indian market.

The unique features of this Exide e-rickshaw battery - E-Ride Plus are:

  • Robust Grid Design & Improved Paste chemistry - Ensure better life and consistent performance in application
  • Optimized Alloy System - Prevents Corrosion in Positive Plate which in turn lowers the degradation rate
  • Double Clad Separation - Prevents Plate shedding during arduous vibration, increases reliability & service life of these Exide e-rickshaw batteries
  • Side Vented Lid - Excellent spill-proof characteristics
  • Bottom Anchoring of Element - Ensures reliability in application
  • Lug Type take-off & fasteners - Batteries can be easily connected to the circuit
  • Ready for commissioning - Exide e-rickshaw batteries are supplied in factory charged condition

Technical Specifications of Exide E-Ride Plus Range of Batteries

Battery Type Part Number C5 Capacity (Ah) Ref. C20 Capacity (Ah) Maximum Overall Dimensions (MM) Nominal Filled Weight Electrolyte Volume Charging Current (A)
ERFLPLUS100L FER0-ERFLPLUS100L 80 100 410 176 245 29.1 6.7 8
ERFLPLUS120L FER0-ERFLPLUS120L 96 120 410 176 245 31.7 6.4 9.6

*Warranty period to be applicable : 6 months from Date of Purchase or 9 months from Date of Manufacturing, whichever is earlier.