• Chloride Electrical Storage Co. (CESCO), UK set up trading operations in India as Import House
  • First factory established in Shamnagar, West Bengal
  • Second factory established in Chinchwad, Pune
  • R&D Centre established in Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Third factory established in Haldia, West Bengal
  • Technical collaboration with Shin Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd., Japan, a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group
  • Chloride Industries Ltd. renamed as 'Exide Industries Ltd.'
  • Fourth factory established in Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Takeover of the industrial undertakings of Standard Batteries Ltd. as a going concern
  • 100% acquisition of CBSEA, Singapore
  • 49% acquisition of ABM (Ceylon), Sri Lanka
Exide plant at Bawal, Haryana
  • Commissioning of plant at Bawal, Haryana
  • New JV Company in UK - ESPEX formed with 51% EIL holding
  • Increased ABM Ceylon holding to 61%
  • 50% acquisition of Exide Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Increased shareholding to 100% in Chloride Power Systems & Solutions Limited
  • 100% acquisition of Chloride Metals Limited
Exide plant in Haldia, West Bengal
  • 51% acquisition of Chloride Alloys India Limited
  • Export plant set up in Haldia
Exide plant, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
  • Increased shareholding to 100% in Chloride Alloys India Limited
  • Ahmednagar facility for MC batteries commenced production
  • Acquisition of first home UPS manufacturing facility at Roorkee
Exide Home UPS manufacturing facility in Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  • Acquisition of Second Home UPS manufacturing facility at Haridwar
  • Espex Batteries, UK became Wholly-owned subsidiary
  • Acquisition of remaining 50% shareholding in Exide Life Insurance Company Limited